Saturday, 22 August 2009

Hackers for Charity-an interesting concept

Hackers for Charity established by the famous Johnny, the writer of "Google Hacking" Book, one of the best sellers over years, plus the series of "Stealing the Network Series" a) How to Own an Identity & b) How to Own a Shadow.
Complete list of Johnny books could be found h3r3 , and the white hat hacker.

Johnny , has been touched by poverty in Africa after his wife's trip to Uganda, they decided to move to Uganda and work there in brining and teaching Africans how to use Computers.

I like the concept beyond Hackers for Charity,how part of the revenue of books publishing goes to Charity, how he is building Computer labs from donated computers to Africa.

Hackers for Charity Newsletter #1 could be found h3r3
Hackers for Charity Site could be found h3r3
How to get involved in Hackers for Charity could be found h3r3

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