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Who is behind Wikipedia ?

Wikipedia Staff

The Wikimedia Foundation currently has a small paid staff working out of a main office in San Francisco, California. Several staff members also work remotely. Everyone else involved with the Wikimedia projects is a volunteer, including members of the Board of Trustees.

(Photos link to high resolution formats.)


Sue Gardner

Erik Möller


Tim Starling
Tomasz Finc
  • Ariel Glenn, Software Developer and Office IT Support, since October 2008
Ariel Glenn
  • Erik Zachte, Data Analyst, since September 2008
Erik Zachte
  • Priyanka Dhanda, Code Maintenance Engineer, since December 2009

Rob Halsell
  • Mark Bergsma, Networking Coordinator, since September 2006
Mark Bergsma
  • Michael Dale works in the San Francisco office on open source video collaboration technology. His work is sponsored by Kaltura, Inc. (see related blog post)
Michael Dale
  • Fred Vassard, System Administrator, since March 2009
Fred Vassard


Jay Walsh
Frank Schulenburg
  • Marlita Kahn, Project Manager - Bookshelf, since September 2009.
Marlita Kahn

Cary Bass
Moka Pantages
  • Pete Forsyth, Public Outreach Officer, since October 2009.
Pete Forsyth

Finance / Administration / Legal

Véronique Kessler
Rand Montoya
Rebecca Handler
Sara Crouse
Daniel Phelps

  • Mike Godwin, General Counsel and Legal Coordinator, since July 2007
Mike Godwin
Kul Wadhwa
  • Bill Gong, Accounting Manager and Financial Analyst, since March 2009
Bill Gong
  • Anya Shyrokova, Stewardship Associate, since October 2009
    Anya Shyrokova
  • James Owen, Executive Assistant, since March 2009
James Owen
  • Megan Hernandez, Development Associate, since November 2009

Wikipedia Usability Project

(More information)
Naoko Komura
Trevor Parscal

  • Parul Vora, Interaction Designer, since February 2009
Parul Vora
Nimish Gautam

Wikimedia Strategic Planning

  • Eugene Eric Kim, Program Manager, since July 2009. Eugene is consulting with Wikimedia for the duration of the Strategic Planning project on behalf of Blue Oxen Associates.
Eugene Eric Kim

Philippe Beaudette

Organization chart

Wikimedia Foundation organization chart

Wikipedia Usability Project organization chart

Wikipedia Usability Project organization chart

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