Saturday, 16 January 2010

Shorewall 4.4.6‏ Released

Shorewall 4.4.5 has been released , Official Announcement below:
             K N O W N   P R O B L E M S   R E M A I N I N G
                N E W   F E A T U R E S   I N   4 . 4 . 6
1)  In kernel 2.6.31, the handling of the rp_filter interface option was
    changed incompatibly. Previously, the effective value was determined
    by the setting of logically ANDed with
    the setting of net.ipv4.config.all.rp_filter.
    Beginning with kernel 2.6.31, the value is the arithmetic MAX of
    those two values.
    Given that Shorewall sets net.ipv4.config.all.rp_filter to 1 if
    there are any interfaces specifying 'routefilter', specifying
    'routefilter' on any interface has the effect of setting the option
    on all interfaces.
    To allow Shorewall to handle this issue, a number of changes were
    a)  There is no way to safely determine if a kernel supports the
        new semantics or the old so the Shorewall compiler uses the
        kernel version reported by uname.
    b)  This means that the kernel version is now recorded in
        the capabilities file. So if you use capabilities files, you
        need to regenerate the files with Shorewall[-lite] 4.4.6 or
    c)  If the capabilities file does not contain a kernel version,
        the compiler assumes version 2.6.30 (the old rp_filter
    d)  The ROUTE_FILTER option in shorewall.conf now accepts the
        following values:
        0 or No  - Shorewall sets net.ipv4.config.all.rp_filter to 0.
        1 or Yes - Shorewall sets net.ipv4.config.all.rp_filter to 1.
        2        - Shorewall sets net.ipv4.config.all.rp_filter to 2.
        Keep     - Shorewall does not change the setting of
                   net.ipv4.config.all.rp_filter if the kernel version
                   is 2.6.31 or later.
        The default remains Keep.
    e)  The 'routefilter' interface option can have values 0,1 or 2. If
        'routefilter' is specified without a value, the value 1 is
2)  SAVE_IPSETS=Yes has been resurrected but in a different form. With
    this setting, the contents of your ipsets are saved during
    'shorewall stop' and 'shorewall save' and they are restored during
    'shorewall start' and 'shorewall restore'. Note that the contents
    may only be restored during 'restore' if the firewall is currently
    in the stopped state and there are no ipsets currently in use. In
    particular, when 'restore' is being executed to recover from a
    failed start/restart, the contents of the ipsets are not changed.
    When SAVE_IPSETS=Yes, you may not include ipsets in your
    /etc/shorewall/routestopped configuration.
3)  IPv6 addresses following a colon (":") may either be surrounded by
    <..> or by the more standard [..].
4)  A DHCPfwd macro has been added that allows unicast DHCP traffic to
    be forwarded through the firewall. Courtesy of Tuomo Soini.
5)  Shorewall (/sbin/shorewall) now supports a 'show macro' command:
              shorewall show macro 
              shorewall show macro LDAP
    The command displays the contents of the macro. file.
6)  You may now preview the generated ruleset by using the '-r' option
    to the 'check' command (e.g., "shorewall check -r").
    The output is a shell script fragment, similar to the way it
    appears in the generated script.
7)  It is now possible to enable a simplified traffic shaping
    facility by setting TC_ENABLED=Simple in shorewall.conf.
    See for
8)  Previously, when TC_EXPERT=No, packets arriving through 'tracked'
    provider interfaces were unconditionally passed to the PREROUTING
    tcrules. This was done so that tcrules could reset the packet mark
    to zero, thus allowing the packet to be routed using the 'main'
    routing table. Using the main table allowed dynamic routes (such as
    those added for VPNs) to be effective.
    The route_rules file was created to provide a better alternative
    to clearing the packet mark. As a consequence, passing these
    packets to PREROUTING complicates things without providing any real
    Beginning with this release, when TRACK_PROVIDERS=Yes and
    TC_EXPERT=No, packets arriving through 'tracked' interfaces will
    not be passed to the PREROUTING rules. Since TRACK_PROVIDERS was
    just introduced in 4.4.3, this change should be transparent to
    most, if not all, users.
- -The Shorewall Team
- -- 
Tom Eastep \

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