Wednesday, 24 November 2010

BISA (Bringing Innovation Source Coding Africa)

 We are here to invite you to join our community, BISA (Bringing Innovation Source Coding Africa). We understand that programmers are constantly creating innovative solutions to every day tasks, for complex problems, for business, for education and for fun. We want to harness the developer talent across Africa to come together to form a community that produces products together for free and to advance the African continent technologically, through our collective action, ideas, sharing knowledge and working together.

We want you to help create this space for our open source platform. Africa needs programmers with an inspirational vision and who are willing to work collaboratively to bring forth these ideas to advance Africa as place for technological innovation.

It's an ambition project, and one which needs contributions from all of us.

We have the genesis of a great idea and we need more collaborators, to help us develop and unleash the true potential of this idea!

Please visit our Mozilla Drumbeat page for more information:

We would love to hear from you, email us:

Please spread the word as far as can go!!

Together we can make this happen!

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