Saturday, 16 April 2011

How to downgrade your Android Phone

This Post shows how to you can downgrade your Android Phone Operating System and I will use Acer BeTouch E130 as my show case

1) You need to have the old Android:
This is easily done through searching google , or If if you already have it since earlier download

2) Follow the regular Setup procedure for your phone manufacture install
you will find the application extracted and there is a file ends/with extension "nb0"
This is the ROM Image File, Once you have it you can follow the below steps , if not please manage to get the desired ROM Image of your desired Android

3) Download RUT  (Rom Update Tool) from
Link is h3r3

4) Please start the RUT application (Do not forget to reboot after installing RUT to make sure you have the required USB Driver (usually you can skip the reboot , if you managed to have successful connections over USB to your Android Mobile Phone , in this Example it is Acer BeTouch E130)

5) Browse to the ROM Image and Click Next

Please follow the below steps ACCURATELY

6) Power off your Android Mobile Phone (Acer BeTouch E130 in this Example)

7) Remove the Battery , that ensures the boot sequence desired to start the ROM Upgrade and ensures your ability to Downgrade your Android Phone and in mean while that makes you able to install the Android Image EVEN if your Mobile Operator upgrade software do not have it or allows it

7) Place the battery Again

8) Click Call + DEL button on the Andoird Mobile Phone Acer BeTouch E130 (Please do not power on your Acer BeTouch E130/Android Phone)

9) Connect your USB Cable to the Mobile and Phone

9) Click Next on RUT application, it should sense that your mobile phone is connected overUSB

the Android ROM Image  will be installed on your Mobile Phone easily

This Post Allows you to do the following
1) Manually Install your desired Android image
2) Force Image Downgrade of your Android Phone
3) Install Android Image even if your Operator does not provide it
4) Remove some undesired Arabic Applications on your Android phone if you bought it from Middle East


Ahmed said...

hey, I was googling for such useful instructions of how to downgrade android os from 2.1 to 1.6 for acer betouch e130. Would you mind if you explain to me how can I download/extract the rom file .nb0 to flash it using the RU tool. I'm newbee and I would appreciate your help and support. I also bought the device from the middle east and it was already been upgraded to eclair and it was bloated with undesired apps which I cannot uninstall without superuser/root access. Please help me

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Hello Ahmed,
Do you want to downgrade to 1.6 or install another ROM form another country like UK
if you want 2.1 from Another country without the Arabic Aps, download the ROM from ACer site, do the installation and when it asks you to upgrade and look for your mobile, copy that folder and take the .nb0 file
if you want the old ROM in particular, there is ACER Rusian group where you will find the 1.6 ROM
Good luck

Ahmed said...

Thanks Samer for the quick respond, Can I ask you how to root the 1.6 OS, neither superoneclick nor universal androot not z4root can root the device. Is it possible to root the 1.6 OS even the hard way i.e. ADB Command line approach? This issue is driving me crazy. If you can provide me with a reliable source which I can refer to to accomplish this mission, I would be grateful to you. Thanks again for help.

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

I will write a post on this topic you mentioned this week

viraj said...

hi samer i have an acer e 130 1.6 donut firmware purchased in uae with mobidiv arabware n noor installed i tried to upgrade it to Acer_E130_3.002.70_AAP_GEN2_P2_EU.nb0 for india 2.1eclair.
But after 60 sec the rut app gives message download finished result = device not configure (0x4000) upon clicking next i go back to starting and the firmware remains same.
Please advice

kashanj said...

dear samer i saw your post regarding downgrade the acer 130 it was so nicely explained . I searched alot for android 1.6 rom for acer e130 but didn't find one so could you please post a link from where you download that rom. regards

Hans said...

I'm also interested in a link to the 1.6 ROM for this device. Russian acer site does no longer list it.

Hans said...

Okay I finally got it done. Some more tips:

- after unpacking the acer utility another acer tool will start to perform the actual update. That second tool has an image of your smartphone. Don't continue with that one resulting in an upgrade error since the extracted .nb0 file will then be removed. (Not sure what happens if you cancel that screen.) Or make sure to save the nb0 file somewhere else first.

- The extracted .nb0 file can be found at (default) c:/Program Files/Acer E130 Tool Setup. Unless of course you changed the path during installation of the acer rom upgrade tool.

- You need to do this on an XP pc, windows 7 won't work (or at least it didn't for me, didn't try vista).

- When you start the RUT tool you will have instructions on the screens. Only difference is the keys you have to press. Press "Call" and "DEL" button (on the numeric keypad) and if you did this correctly you will have a notification by windows showing a new driver is installed.

- You can find the older rom on the netherlands section of the acer support website at the downloads. Make sure to check other languages also since I found some more recent versions than the latest I had (Belgium).

So that's about it, good luck! I'm back on 1.6 for speed :p

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Thanks for the post and completing the post with other tips

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